At your service!

Buidling a website involves a lot more than just some html these days. Having more than 14 years of web development experience, there are a lot of things I can help you with.


Web Development

From a PSD design to a complete website with or without CMS. I can implement multiple Content Management Systems like MODX, ProcessWire, Drupal or WordPress (no Joomla please). Just plain HTML 5 is also possible of course. Because I have more than 13 years of web development experience, you can be sure you will get top quality! Standard testing includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. The HTML code I write is always clean and structured right, only containing the required CSS and javascripts like jQuery.

PHP Development

I work on larger PHP projects on a regular basis. Most of the time these projects are new/custom CMS modules for the MODX Content Management System. A newsletter-, shopping- or reservation system for example. But it could as well be a completely differtent project like an invoicing system. I will make sure you get the source code, so you will be able to continue the project with a third party if you like. Version control using Git or Subversion is standard practice, just as documenting my code.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A good looking website is important, but completely worthless if nobody can find it. Optimizing your site for Google is one of my specialties. A lot of SEO companies show you large, hard to read, reports. I won't bother you with that, but will start optimizing your site right away. I will also let you know what I have done and if it had any impact on your Google ranking. This way you will not only get the desired results, but also know how you can influence your Google ranking yourself!