As you probably know by now, I'm a huge fan of Craft. Besides being an extremely awesome CMS, their community has the rare talent to make you feel at home right away. So it didn't take that long before I was a 'crafter' myself.

Having built quite a few Craft powered sites, I felt the time was right to teach others about this extremely powerful tool too. So I started working on some video tutorials (soon!) and setup a meetup group for The Netherlands. All of this next to a full time freelancing career which, while being great, sometimes slowed those plans down quite a bit.

Then came March 31 with a blog post on the Pixel & Tonic site. They were hiring a 'Community Liaison'. While I wasn't really looking for a job, and had never heard of the word 'Liaison' anyway, it still triggered me because of the community aspect. The further I got to the end of the job description, the more I recognized the plans I already had but just couldn't get to. This was the perfect opportunity to do what I love on a professional level! And more besides!

A single application mail and a Skype call with ' Angry Brad' (who isn't angry at all btw) later, I'm extremely excited to announce that I have joined Pixel & Tonic as one of their 2 Community Liaisons! I'm looking forward to be working with the team behind my favorite CMS and to stay in touch with all of you awesome Crafters!

Wait a minute... I'm a client of yours. Help!

Don't worry; I have not quit freelancing! The job at Pixel & Tonic is part-time, so there's still plenty of time to help my awesome clients to launch beautiful sites. So keep calm and carry on! :-)

In other news: The first Craft CMS Meetup in The Netherlands!

If all of this was not exciting enough already, then this most definitely is; at April 22 the dutch Craft community will come together in Enschede to watch the CMS Summit together! If your dutch is any good and you love Craft you definitely want to join! Drinks & food will be taken care of. All you have to do is register and join us in Enschede! See you there!